Writing A Research Paper On The Topic Of Music And The Brain

The connection between musical ability and the functions of the brain and the vice versa have been studied by some of the most brilliant academic minds for years, yet still remains a subject of heated debate. As a student given a research paper assignment on the topic of music and the brain, you have endless possibilities worth exploring. The following doesn’t tell you what to write for a research paper but rather how to write a great research paper on whatever topic you decide to explore:

The first thing you should do – before all of the hard work – is create a detailed plan to manage the entirety of the study. Create milestones, task lists, and deadlines to help you stay on track of your assignment through every step of the way.

When you do your research on the topic of music and the brain you should do so at two levels. First, conduct some background research online; then head to your school library to look up academic and government resources related to your topic.

Now, it’s time to gather all of that research information on the music and brain and organize it into related ideas. You should have a pretty good idea of what it is you will be arguing, so go ahead and draft a thesis statement. Next, arrange all of this in a paper outline to guide your writing.

Students tend to clamor up when it comes to writing a first draft. The easiest approach is to sit down and start writing, without stopping, without thinking too hard about coming up with the perfect word or phrase to express your ideas.

It’s never a good idea to try and make revisions too soon after writing a first draft. You need to have a clear mind when you revise in order to improve your chances of finding key areas throughout the research paper where you can make improvements.

You’ve worked so hard to this point that it would be a shame if you were to be docked even a few points by submitting anything less than perfect. Edit and proofread your final version carefully to ensure you have written clearly, concisely, and have corrected all mistakes.

  • Develop a detailed researching and writing plan to manage the study
  • Start with background content, and then proceed with in-depth study
  • Organize notes, develop a thesis statement, and draft a paper outline
  • Write the first research paper draft without stopping or thinking hard
  • Set your research paper aside for a few days before starting revisions
  • Edit and proofread your research paper carefully before submitting it