What Makes A Good Research Paper: Writing The Conclusion

Writing a research paper is a frequent task that students will face as they finish their degrees in the university. These important assignments help to bring to a summary a large amount of research and effort that will assist them in demonstrating a strong depth of knowledge on any topic. But one area where many students fall short when completing these tasks is not putting enough effort into the conclusion of the piece.

The conclusion is more than just the final portion of the research piece of writing, it is the culmination of the assignment and the last impression the reader will leave with after finishing reading.

Here are tips to make a good impression by writing an excellent conclusion.

  1. Restate the topic of the paper – while it should be evident from the body of the piece the best conclusions start with a restatement of the topic to realign the reader’s perspective and remind them what the entire paper was about.
  2. Restate the thesis – the second thing to remember is to also restate the thesis if that wasn’t covered already.
  3. Review each main point that was made in the paper but only briefly to bring the paper together.
  4. Ensure all your main points have been substantiated and make sense for potential readers.
  5. When you write this type of composition you may need a call to action. Put the call to action in the conclusion section of the paper.
  6. Close all open ends and make sure there are no questions left open. If there are open items that it is not possible to close then say so in the conclusion and show how the research addressed these topics. Additionally, for things that cannot be closed give adequate reasons why.
  7. Challenge the logic of your conclusion to ensure that the reader can follow your line of reasoning. Make sure no supporting facts were omitted. Ask questions about your summary to challenge it and look for possible gaps.
  8. Avoid boring phrases like in summary or in conclusion, the reader understands what you are doing and these phrases can reduce the effectiveness of your writing.

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