Creating A Winning Network Security Research Paper:Good Advice

Since, the use of the internet is increasing day by day; an issue of its increasing threat is also looming high. Students, who hail from the stream of computer science or application, have to study network security as a part of the curriculum. They are often instructed to create a research paper on the same. With the spurt of internet and e-commerce business and cloud storage where thousands of data are stored logically and later made available to the users, securing the LAN is at the forefront of the cyber issue. Hackers, virus attacks often make the entire network system vulnerable. Since its demand in the area of research and development, students are told to write a paper on the same, to check their theoretical knowledge. However, as a basic guideline the students can check out this service to the guidelines to come up with the best writing.

Basic Guidelines:

Before writing about how to minimize threats in a network system, the students need to understand and write what causes the threat to the network.

  • Virus attack: the most prominent type of attack every network system face is the virus attack. It is like a code which when clicked upon unknowingly, executes a series of harmful programs which can cause the large-scale destruction of computer memory. It affects the hardware, rendering the whole system dysfunctional.
  • Security threats: often while trying to access some service on the computer, a user faces issues like denial of service, page not found message or unauthorized access to certain pages, spyware or malware and last but not the least, accidental deletion of certain files.
  • Attacks from installed software: network security can be violated while user installs songs, movies, videos or any other programs.
  • Application attacks: Hackers target the web server or which includes software violation.

These are the various network breaches that happen. Students should provide a proper understanding of these in their thesis. Then they should show how to secure the network through the various programs that can be installed. For example:

  • Installing anti-virus and updating them regularly.
  • How to install and execute a security policy and program
  • Securing the network through installing a firewall
  • Closing unused ports

These are the various topics that students should include in the research paper. They should go through the various web page providing tips on how to secure networks through various programs. A regular discussion with the supervisor is a must. The students should provide a couple of drafts on the topic so that they can provide a complete dissertation paper without a single loophole. Alternatively, they may turn to the professional writing services, where one can buy thesis paper for cheap.