Sample Topics For Term Papers: 25 Ideas You Can't Miss

Writing a term paper isn’t always easy, and many students struggle with the very first step: finding a good topic. If you read many different ideas, make sure you know the guidelines from your teacher and know whether any of the topics fit into those requirements. It’s also important to choose a topic you’re passionate about—readers will be able to tell if you’re interested and engaged in what you’re writing or not. It also helps things go faster and easier if you enjoy what you’re working on.

Look at the list below for some of the best ideas you can find on writing a term paper. Start by jotting down the ones that speak to you or catch your attention, and then you can do some more research on them. It’s important to have the right topic before you start, so don’t be afraid to spend some time on this step. You’ll still be able to get your essay done on time if you’ve chosen the right topic for you. If you need help deciding, talk to your teacher because he is the one grading the paper after all.

25 Great term paper topic ideas

  1. Stem cell research and morality
  2. Does the internet make kids smarter?
  3. Should local schools have control of curriculum vs. standard testing
  4. Multicultural vs. traditional education
  5. Discuss home schooling and its effect on adult life
  6. Is Alzheimer’s disease inevitable?
  7. Which is healthier—low fat or low carb diets?
  8. Are big food companies killing us with additives?
  9. Causes of anorexia
  10. How can congenital heart disease be treated differently than other types of heart disease?
  11. Rights and birth control options
  12. Prevention of depression
  13. Addictions to prescription drugs
  14. Influence of social media on offline human connections
  15. Research the most controversial ads from politicians
  16. Marketing for children’s products
  17. Gap between the rich and poor in America
  18. Modern discrimination against minorities (cultural, gender, etc)
  19. Should prayer be allowed in schools?
  20. Are you for or against drinking age being lowered to 18?
  21. Medical research on animals and morality
  22. Do parental filters actually prevent the use of pornography?
  23. Should athletes in college be paid for sports?
  24. Discuss the dangers of cosmetic surgery for teenagers
  25. How can alternative fuel or hybrid cars promote environmental awareness?